2 Drysuit Questions


I am about to order a new drysuit. 1)Cordura Bottoms? I can order then entire bottom of the suit in the Cordura Nylon instead of just the standard patches. Anyone done this and can comment? Does it breath less? Less comfortable/flexible? Is the durability worth it? (not the cost, I am concerned only about functionality trade-offs).
2) Is blue visible enough? I really want the blue, it’s so cool and matches my boats. But someone reminded me it’s hard to see in rescue situations. Tell me it doesn’t matter, or tell me I should know better (I’m a veteran paddler).


Hey there, here’s my opinion. Cordura bottoms? I have seen this done and it is going to be way more durable but also a bit hotter as expected. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the brush maybe it would be a good idea.
Is blue visible enough? Yeah sure it is. The only color worth avoiding is white as it blends in with the white water . When you look good you feel good you paddle good. The more you match the faster you go. :slight_smile: