2016 alpacka alpackalypse $1500 price drop


Im selling my 2016 alpackalypse. This is alpacka’s premiere whitewater raft and retails for $2000. It has minimal use as I live in Arizona and do not get to use it much. The boat is in great conditions, there are a few superficial scratches on the bottom. I was very pleased with the boats preformance but can not afford to keep it. I’m looking to sell it for $1500. Please message me if interested or if you have any questions.


Hey, is your packraft still available? What size is it?


yes it is still available. it is a medium. It comes with two internal dry bags, a inflation sack, and a hand pump


medium is perfect. two internal dry bags–that means it has the cargo fly, right? I’m definitely interested. Any chance of seeing some photos? my email is benjammin234@gmail.com


Yes there is a cargo fly installed. I’ll email you some photos asap.


Fantastic, thank you!