2018 Auburn River Festival in the planing


Hi everyone , a meeting will be held this friday evening 1/26/2018 at moon raker brewery in auburn CA 6:00 pm. WE have a solid plan ,permits applied for , and close alignment with AW ,ACA , and PARC . our aim is to have PARC as the main benefactor as they have done quite a lot for the effort already . all are welcome to attend , and encouraged to volunteer . Our team thus far are corey tucker alex wolfgram and erin burk . we have all 3 been volunteers ,`motivators ,and organizers in the past events and share the idea of celebrating the river at one of the only places the community prevented a dam from being built in the whole state Thank you all Corey.


Any more info on the fest and what it’s all about??


very positive 1st meeting our contact list is growing . past volunteers , my self included were proud with the reminder Wolf gave us of past successes . Anyone with some time on their hands to volunteer will gain experience with community , and have equal share in the success of furthering humanities recreational potential . After all there is direct correlation between sport , recreation , and the height of civilization , which is right now . please join us Thursday February 8 at Sierra outdoor center for potluck, meeting , socializing . Corey