2018 Immersion Research Royal Rand Spray Skirt - $150

Selling my 2018 Immersion Research Royal.
Large Tunnel, Extra Large Cockpit.
Less than a year old. It’s in great condition, I am only selling it because the tunnel is a bit too big for me. Best skirt in the game, hands down.

Located in Truckee but can get to Coloma/Auburn/Nevada City no problem.

Let me know if you’re interested: louisnorris3 at gmail.com

Thanks for looking.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to put on your kayak?


Do you have this in a different color?

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Large tunnel, is this more carhartt or hipster sizing? I typically wear high waisted jeans in large and wonder of if this will fit me.

Any interest in trading for a sustainably harvested bamboo paddle? Harvested by a local shaman it has had its chackaras unblocked and has an amazing shaft feel, provided you stroke it gently (but not too hard) the experience is enlightening.

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This boi has been sold. Thanks.

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