American or Mokelumne: Looking for a white water kayak guide and gear rental May 26th-29th


Hey There! I’m pursuing a lifelong goal to do some white water kayaking! I’ll be flying into Sacramento May 26th-30th, renting a truck, and hopefully finding gear, a guide, and some class II runs on the American or Mokelumne to get started. Anyone interested? I will pay for a guide and rental, I have a truck for shuttling, I plan on camping and hitting up the Strawberry Music Festival, and looking for a fun stoke filled weekend. I haven’t reached out to The River Store yet but will soon. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

I grew up kayaking and surfing in Florida and currently live on North Shore, Oahu. I have lots of experience surfing kayaks and worked as a guide for 6 years in Hawaii, but I don’t have limited experience in rapids. I’ve done plenty of rafting trips and ran a few, but I want more control, excitement, and my own boat. As for white water kayaking, I’ve only blasted down on rubber duckees on the east coast with summer camp kiddos. (Class I-II but so fun!). I have plenty of experience in all surfing conditions Hawaii has to offer. I know it’s different but I am very calm in high stress situations underwater.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been training using a surf ski kayak. I have my rolls pretty good, but will need some practice in the river before getting after it. I know there’s some big water right now, but I had the time off from work and pulled the trigger. I’m really excited and hope to get on the water with someone with experience and make some dreams of mine become a reality. Any help would be awesome! Thanks.

You can reach me at 808-291-8219.