Best pogies and thermo cap suggestions


Looking to get some cold weather gear and was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on best/favorite pogies and thermo caps and why? Thanks in advance for your feedback


For pogies, I prefer the IR microwaves. Warm enough with out being too hot and I can easily get my hands in and out for use with rocks, logs, etc when creeking, they have a shorter gauntlet. My daughter who lives in the North East could not use them, her hands got to cold. She uses the NRS Mambas they are thicker and warmer.

As for a skull cap, there are two types, fleece and neoprene. The fleece rolls up smaller to fit in a pocket if you only wear it some of the time. The fleece typically dries slightly faster on multi-day trips. The neoprene might be wet when you put it on the next day but warms up pretty quickly from your body heat. I wear the cap with the ears flipped up if it is an in-between temp. From a safety perspective they do make it hard to hear people particularly immediately after a roll but I guess the plus is it blocks the cold water from going into your ears. Both types work fine and any brand work.

Depending on your helmet fit, there might be issues getting a hoody to fit under there. Might take your helmet to a brick and morter store to try them on if you have that luxury.


Thanks for the response and insight Joesph


NRS Mambas are best for warmth. 5mm thick but are a bit difficult compared to others to get hands in. (that is what makes them warm). There ware many other competitors who have more open mit style and are often not as thick.

Thermal caps same deal thicker = better. other other big factor i have found is a laminate over fuzzy. fuzzy rubber in old school terms. warmer relative to thinkness than just neoprene or open synthetic weave. I got my eons ago so can’t recommend a brand/model.

Hope this helps.