Boats and misc gear for sale


If this was paper you would see tear stains on the page. I have met so many great people, been so many amazing places and had so much fun kayaking. Sad to say that lower back and sciatic pain now prevent me from sitting in a boat and the potential of a flare up make me a liability on the river. I’ve been hanging on to my gear for a couple of years now dreaming that I am going to get back at it. It is time to let it go. I am 5’7" 145 lbs 32" waist. Sob stories aside, I am offering the following gear for sale.

Pyranha Molan, size M, good condition, green/yellow

Pyranha Burn, 2nd gen (?), size S, good condition, blue

Drysuit, mens size M, Kokatat, all options, Goretex relief zipper, skirt tunnel,well maintained, blue

Werner Sherpa,fiberglass, 194cm, well used, nothing wrong w/

Werner 4piece breakdown paddle, Sherpa, fiberglass, carried a bunch, only used once.

2 snapdragon skirts, 1 standard and well used, 1 more HD and newer

various throw bags.

That is the cream of the crop. Also available, but well used and likely only of interest to the budget minded scavenger / dirtbag :wink:

lightweight spray top Lotus Designs shortsleeved

lightweight spray top Kokatat longsleeved

Heavy duty Kokatat drytop, top of line but was old when I bought it used 10ish years ago

wrsi helmet, beat w/ horrible paint

Kokatat rescue vest around 12 years old, probably compromised flotation

Located in Auburn CA, Prices negotiable, make reasonable offer, Glad to answer questions, provide pics on request. call text 530-313-threezero15

Thanks, won’t SYOTR, Josh W.


any chance those paddles didn’t get snapped up months ago?


I’m interested in that drysuit, still available? 9169901191


Is the boat still available???


Hi there, if your small burn is still available, it would be great to hear from you