Cherry creek race and flow?


anyone know when the race will be this year or if there will be normal flow for the race?


Aug18. Not aware of any known issues with predicted flow. That being said was shooting the shit in Groveland with a local last night and he mentioned they have to do some type of mandated work related to turbines for safety reasons related to the Oroville failure soon…his words, not mine, no idea of the accuracy.


This was posted in SAKS. Very unlikely, but if it’s a major repair there may not be normal flows.

this just in from SF water####


An issue has developed with one of the power generating units at Holm Powerhouse. We need to take this unit out of service through either Saturday (if tests come out well) or next Tuesday (if tests come out poorly and the fix is easy) or perhaps later. While the unit is out of service we will be generating the 1 unit recreational releases.

Starting Thursday, August 2, daily recreational releases will be limited to 550 cfs from 6AM to noon.

I will let you know when we have established the return date for full, 2 unit generation.



I heard from a few people wondering if the 25th anniversary of the Captain Kirk Memorial Cherry Creek race will be happening this Saturday. The answer is yes! Flow is a little lower than normal about 850 but still good not too low. Awesome band will be there too called Island of black and white. Most importantly though come out and show your respect for our fallen brothers and sisters who have tragically died over the years. That’s what this is really all about.


Dates? Doest it conflict with Tobinrelease?


Dates? For the third time in this thread it’s August 18. Just so everyone knows it has been on the same Saturday for over 10 years which is 2 weekends before labor day.