Corner Pocket changes on S Yuba 49 to Bridgeport


Corner pocket on the South Yuba has changed this year. The current that historically pushed into the undercut on the left is now directed toward the right side corner pocket below the bottom hole. This has created a very dangerous whirlpool in the right side corner pocket. Running the rapid in the middle or right side pushes you right against the wall and into this pocket. The strong cross currents in the whirlpool are difficult but manageable to navigate while in the kayak but would make it very hard to roll up if upside down and impossible to escape for a swimmer. Please be sure to scout and set safety.



I will post up an unlisted video on YouTube later today - it shows the whirlpool in full effect that you are talking about, and I hope it helps people get a visual for the changes. It was my first time on the South Yuba so I can’t comment on how it use to go prior to the change.



4:00 shows my line down Corner Pocket, and I was told the line was down the right, and I ended up in that same whirlpool.