Dagger ID 6.9 White Water Play Boat For Sale

The Dagger ID 6.9 (medium) slicey play boat for sale.
Very nice condition, clean and well cared for, stored in garage.
No rock splatting, no oil canning or cracks.
The ID has a surprisingly stable hull yet is faster than competitors like the Jackson Fun allowing it to catch and surf waves other play boats can’t. The ID is also a decent river runner that squirts and cartwheels with ease.
Specs: 6’11" long; 24.5" wide; 49 gallons; cockpit 34" x 19"; paddler weight range 100-175 lbs
More photos available by text or email.
$180 (Pug NOT included)
Jim, 5 41 Nine 44 78 73
Ashland, OR