Dagger Kaos 10.2 Surf Kayak SOT (Bay Area) for sale

Dagger Kaos 10.2 - got me through the winter now this awesome surf machine can be yours!

Great condition, just surface scratches from beach launches.

Located in Petaluma (Sonoma County)


Hi Tim,

I’m interested in your boat. The only potential obstacle is that I’m in Ontario, not far from the Port Huron, Michigan border. I’m willing to pay for shipping to Port Huron. My understanding is that it would be about $100.00. Just wondering how we can do this in a way that we’re both comfortable with (assuming you’d be willing to take it to a local Bay Area shipper). You can contact me by email, or by telephone at 519-432-2417.
Hope to hear from you.

Is your surf kayak still available? Are you willing to ship it to Bellingham Washington? We have one identical to yours but we are in need of a mate so both of us can go out kayaking together. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Lisa