Dagger Mamba 7.5. 2011 model


Good condition. Blue and Green. $425.


Where are you located? Thanks!


Still available? I’m very interested. Where are you located?


Yes, still available. I am in Reno, however, Ibwill be at the SFA this weekend. We could meet in Coloma or Lotus if that works😃 thanks, Christine


SFA: is that the airport in San Francisco? Also, do you have pictures?


SFA stands for South Fork American River. It is located in Coloma/Lotus CA. I will send pics tomorrow😃


Oh cool! Just recently moved out West so not up on the rivers out this way yet! Looking forward to seeing pics!


Hi! I’d like to buy your kayak! My name is Roki. I’m a lady kayaker looking for a kayak just like yours:)


I can meet you in Reno to check it out. I live in Nevada City.


I will be at South Fork American River this weekend, if u want to meet there


Did u get the pics? If not, please text me and I will send them via phone. I do not have my computer currently. 775-846-6518


Hello there, if you are still interested in my mamba, I will be at the Reno Riverfest this weekend. You are welcome to come down and give the boat a try. thanks, Christine #775-846-6518