FOR SALE: New Wave Bigfoot Squirt Boats

Selling 2 New Wave Bigfoot Squirt Kayaks. The two boats on the right, in the photos, are the Bigfoots. Both are 5/8" medium to low volume cut. One was made for a man 5’8"tall, 150-160 lbs, 30" inseam with a size 9 foot. The second boat was made for a woman 5’6" tall, 140 lbs, 30" inseam, with a size 8.5 foot. Both boats are in excellent condition with Bob Knight custom outfitting. They’re located in San Leandro but will be moved to Coloma shortly. $800PXL_20210220_191557179 g

These boats look like they are excellent bubble viewing devices! I Glubbbb glubb. Shoot me an email