Giant Gap Changes. Locomotive / Hawaii 5-oh


As of last sunday, ~1500-1600…

Locomotive was significantly easier. It could pretty much be run anywhere with out being retentive. This should significantly aid first timers (avoid a tough portage) and higher water runs.

Five -oh wave was all but gone with a piton rock in the traditional entrance. those going left of the piton went into some shallows along the left run out with was preferred to those going right of the piton rock who dealt with all the water going into a sieve looking rock. Going far left was easy enough.

Dominator continues to change. It looks like more of a big glory airplane turn where the boof was. view from river right shore was not convincing so we all ran right. View of the airplane turn from down stream was more inspiring – go get it.

Oh and the trail was not nearly as drag friendly as i recalled. Be ready to carry your boat (the whole way 12+ switchbacks) or bring your well compensated and highly motivated sherpa.


What’s the minimum level you can run chamberlain falls without portage in a raft