Greenwood Construction?


Anyone know what’s going on with the construction at Greenwood that is set to start after Labor Day? I know they are expanding the parking lot but I don’t know if the upper lot will be closed to boaters during construction. The BLM site says it will enhance raft access whatever that means…



I went by yesterday (Sep 5) and they hadn’t started major construction yet. Gate was open and there were cars parked in the lot; I assume they were accessing GW as recreational folks.


We paddled the gorge yesterday. The lot was open with no construction going on. They’ve moved the bulletin board to the other side of the gate. The Coloma shuttle driver said they are going to move the gate down the hill a few feet. Apparently the only improvements are to widen the loading zone currently in front of the gate with no addition of parking spaces. I called BLM & they said it will definitely be open on weekends and on weekdays people will need to walk around the heavy equipment. He said since it is such a small project it will be over soon.