Hazards on wilderness run of cache creek?


Anyone been on the 19 mile wilderness run of Cache Creek this year?
Have big winter rains changed any rapids or created new ones?
Any hazardous strainers?
Flows may be minimal but it might be possible this weekend.



Going down this coming July 7th, 2017. Did you ever go? any info?


Reviving this thread with some new questions. Anyone been down this section since the fires? Also, I have a 13 foot raft. is that too big for this section or could I make it work with good enough flows?


We ran it twice this past summer. Flows on north fork were HIGHER than i’ve ever seen.
So first two miles were quick. No major obstructions but some quick maneuvering needed. People do take rafts down WR but kayaks are better. With raft some of the narrow sections are tight but doable. I don’t know winter runs, not my expertise. Have fun