Hell's Canyon Trip - Oarspeople Needed


I have a permit for a July 8 launch date on the Snake River in Hell’s Canyon and just had the entire rest of my group fall out. They were the oarspeople for the trip, so I’m now looking to salvage it. Fast! It’s just me, my 14 year old daughter and my 10 year old son who are still going. We’re experienced guided rafters, kayakers and campers, so we know how to set up/break down camp and oar, just not pilot. The class 2/3 rapids on the Snake, especially with the high water this year, means it’s out of my league to oar the raft on this trip. Launching July 8 at the dam and taking out at Heller Bar on July 14, a 78 mile float. We’ve planned 1 layover day to hike the side canyons, fish and explore the historic homesteads. I would like to keep the total number on the trip to 8-10 people, with two 16 footers. Interested in joining? Please PM me. four-one-5, three-0-seven,three-5-six-0. Gary


You find anyone? I feel terrible for you friend!
Im in Coloma CA. Will put the word on the water.
Best luck.