IM Klingon skirt Freeplay Drytop drybox and wet and dry waterproof gear bag

1*Immersion Research Klingon Bungee Spray Skirt XL Cockpit waist XL (grey and green) has creases and wont leak for day trips or high level flow, rolling.
75 cash

2*Stohlquist FreePLAY Dry Top XXL 140 cash 9/10 condition

5* Helmet Half Cuts made by Shred ready 30 cash each 9/10 condition

6* Stolhquist PFD black XL mens non rescue level 3 50.00

7* Drybags, mini sea summit, plano Drycase, Watershed Futa Stowfloat kayak bag red/ 8/10 tiedowns for sedans, and rope rear and hood tie offs, 2 roof top yakima Kayak holders and padding straight ones.
2096788937 call to ask me about all purchase items together, Meet in Ceres, ca 95307 IMG-0318%20(2)|520x1000 item info with all pictures

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i am interested in your nomad please let me know if it is still available!



M i K e
local ad, at the time, I am contacting you on boof forum I can sell you my kayak if you want to go to view my whole product off the craigslist local post near Turlock, CA 95382 but I wont be driving then this weekend to Coloma, or Placerville area for a long while.

SO-L-D- Dagger / paddle
Have: *Stohlquist FreePLAY Dry Top XXL 175 cash 9/10 condition
*IM Klingon Skirt XL Tunnel/ XL Cockpit Bungee
*Helmets Shred ready Half Cut newish and used, go pro mount also fitting items.
*Drybags Super small 1 liter/ .5Liter
*Dry gear bag 80L
*Rooftop kayak holders Yakima