Jackson 2 Fun - $500

Modern River runner/play boat
Good condition
51 gallons
Optimal paddler weight: 110-150 lbs
Located in Truckee, can be delivered to Coloma


image image Lbs

Hi Allie. I do not know if we have ever met but we have probably seen each other on Chili Bar some time. I am usually in my Chronic, blue Rockstar or any of my other 8 or 10 boats. I am interested in adding a 2 Fun but I am not sure of the fit in your newish model. If you are coming down to Coloma I would love to try it. We are blessed to have a house on the River right just above Troublemaker. Otherwise I am retired so I can cruise up to Truckee. If it were not for the virus I would bring my wife up for dinner at Pianeta’s and visit our friend Bird Lew. Please feel free to call me at (916) 719-4049 or email me at jminton@pcl.org
Stay safe!
Jonas Minton