Jackson Antix Large

I got a like new Jackson Antix. It’s large and has only been used twice. The only scratches are from getting in and out of the boat. Why am I selling it? A previous injury has flared up and does not like this boat. Did I mention that it’s like new? $750 So I’m also up for a trade for an Aire inflatable kayak or raft if anyone is interested.

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Hello, very interested. Where is kayak located?

Im in Redding CA. You in Midland or on the road somewhere?

I live in Midland tx.

Is your Antix still available? If so are you headed up to Oregon any time soon? I’m down in Medford regularly for work and could meet you near the border if you headed up anytime soon?

Yes I have it. No plans to head north at the moment, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

Is your boat still available I live in Willow Creek on the trinity

Sounds good, thanks Russell :+1:

Still available I liked?

SOLD, no longer available