Jackson Rock Star Medium $400

Hi all,

I am selling a medium jackson rockstar for my buddy. It is 2011-2013 model—the serial is too hard to read. It is really in great condition and comes with a Jackson Happy Seat as well as some extra outfitting to what comes stock. Located in Reno.

Please message me here and I will reply as able.

$400 or offer. No trades please.

image image

Turns out this boat is older than we thought it was so the post has been updated with year info.
Please offer up!

Interested are there any cracks?

There are No cracks!
You can definitely come check it out some time in Reno if you want. Can always see if you like how it feels and then take some time to decide if it’s for you.

Outfitting in good shape? I would like to try it out. How is the water in the area? I’m by the Kern River and it is low here.

I’m interested in the boat! Could buy next weekend.

Sending PM.

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