Jackson Rockstar Medium -with Elite Outfitting


Jackson Rockstar Medium play boat:
Price: $550
Condition: Great
Color: Blue and White
Located in Coloma, California
Please call (530)919-2289 if you have any questions or are thinking about buying this boat! :slight_smile:
Would also be looking for a trade for a large sized Rockstar.


What year is the Rockstar M?
pics please.


No idea what year it is. 2015?? Maybe?
The serial # is JKQ14960C111
If you hack into the Jackson Kayaks Database you might be able to find out when it was manufactured, where it was shipped to, who it was initially sold to, etc…good luck.

I am not interested in uploading pictures. It looks like a Medium Rockstar. And you will look like a Rockstar paddling it!

Later Skater!