Jackson Shooting Star

Jackson Kayak “Shooting Star” child-sized white water play/surf/freestyle kayak. 5’2” long. Sized for kids 30-100 lbs. $283 (MSRP $849.)

Nicely broken in. Well scratched. No cracks or welds. Light oil-canning.

Jackson Kayak says:
“Kids boats should be safe, stable, easy to roll and maneuver- the Shooting Star does that - but it also flies high and is able to perform the hardest Freestyle tricks in the book! Thats right- the Shooting Star is Jackson Kayak playboat for kid but it is ready to take them from learning to roll to cartwheels, loops, air blunts and well beyond. Don’t choose a kids boat that limits what they can do - instead get this easy to paddle boat that’s ready for anything they might want to learn.”