Jackson Superstar in Reno/ Boat is sold

Boat is now sold to a new owner

I want your Superstar! Would you be willing to ship it via Greyhound from Reno to SLC? I’d pay you the $425 plus whatever the shipping total is… Cheers, Johnnie A. johnallsen@yahoo.com 435five5seven15one3

Local sale only…waters good right now in Cali

I totally understand about the local sale. If you decide to change your mind, it’s super easy to ship via Greyhound and I could PayPal you the money. Rivermaste!!! Glad Cali is going off. Spring run off is going to be epic in Utah, Idaho, & Colorado!!!

P.S. It would be my Grand Canyon boat! My buddy just won the lottery last Thursday! June 2020 launch!!!

Nice! Congrats! I’m sorry but I think I’m gonna pass on the shipping option. Lemme know if you wanna head this way and I’ll tell you if I still have it