Kayaker dies on trail to Box Canyon


A man who was “active” and “popular” in the area died in Siskiyou County Thursday afternoon after falling off a cliff while trying to carry his kayak, Sheriff Jon Lopey said.

While “the incident appears to be a tragic accident,” Lopey said an investigation is still underway to make sure.

Lopey said the victim, 61-year-old Leif Convers Hansen, was a long-time resident of the area who was an “active and popular member of the local community.”

Lopey said Hansen fell about 5:30 p.m. near Box Canyon Dam in the Mount Shasta area.

The man had been on a trail east of the dam that leads to the Sacramento River and fell down a steep cliff after slipping, Lopey said.

Even though a doctor and Mount Shasta Fire Department first responders made “concerted efforts to revive him,” Lopey said Hansen died at the scene.

Anyone with extra information on the case is asked to call the county’s 24-hour dispatch center at 530-841-2900.

I knew Leif. Good guy and good kayaker. This is a sad day.

Be careful o0n that hike in, folks!

Mark T.


-Goes down class IV-V rapids risking life all the time
-Dies from walking down trail

Kinda ironic