Kayaks for sale. large dagger newmad $450.00. medium nomad. $350.00. both in good shape


both in good condition.


Do you have any pictures of the large newmad? Where are you located?


Interested in the medium nomad. Do you have photos?


Is the Medium Nomad an 8.5? Or is it a Newmad M? Could you send me a pic if it’s still available?


@dieter1 are either boats still available? If so can you send some pictures?
Five30 Nine19 Nine702


I’m very interested in your large Newmad if it’s still available.


Hey I’m very interested in the large newmad if it’s still available could you send my pictures 540-three five three-9four82


Do you still have either of these?


Hey are they still available


Interested in medium Nomad. Where are you located? CFOL


Hi do you still have the medium nómada can you send me pictures


Is the nomad still available?