Landslides on the lower "T"


A few of us ran the Lower “T” on Saturday…we were in awe of the landslides on the lower part of the river, (past Powerhouse all the way through to Gray’s Grindstone).

This is a remnant of the storm last March, that hit Groveland pretty hard and wiped out the Fish Hatchery at the start of Priest’s grade.

"On March 21-22, 2018, an atmospheric river moved into the State of California, coupled with convective showers that delivered 8-9 inches of rain in the higher elevations and 4-5 inches in the Groveland area. The combination of these two events delivered extreme amounts of precipitation and run off in a very short amount of time causing major flooding in the town of Groveland, as well County-wide damages of soil erosion under roads and culverts, erosion of water conveyance systems, sewer systems that were inundated with excess water, debris and silt.

Luckily, it did not do much harm to the river, however it did wipe out Sourgrass campsite.

There are a few downed trees, but all obvious and easily avoidable.



Just one shot of a hillside with massive slide damage from Saturday.


Great photo, Eric…Thanks for sharing!