Let's Make Bald Rock Great Again!

Gather around children and let me tell you a tale…

There was a time, not long ago, when Bald Rockers were able to savor the sweet victory of finishing a world class run with a boat ride out of the “lake”. After braving the savage whitewater and sieve mazes, weary kayakers were able to sit back and revel in their day’s accomplishments while sipping cold beverages and inhaling gifts of the earth. Word spread wide of the great Gerardo who not only picked people up in a boat, but also dropped folks off at Milsap Bar…what service!!!

Alas, that time has past…but lo, it need not be the end of an era. Let us not forever be condemned to the toils of the bath tub rim hike out and put in car retrieval. We must join together and make Bald Rock great once again!

Does anyone know someone with a boat on Lake Oroville? Might that someone also be willing to drop a group of kayakers off at put in? Is that person trustworthy or at least not a meth-head/alcoholic?

Petlock: you got anymore high school buddies you can hook up?

For those who suggest the Bidwell Marina shuttle service negotiated by AW: they do not offer shuttle until after 4/1, their prices are exorbitant, and they don’t run when the lake is lowish due to exposed rocks (always low in these drought years)

I don’t have a contact for a boat ride across the lake.

If you want to hike, I do have a contact that will drive your shuttle. Anyone interested, Private message me. I don’t want to post his contact info on a public forum.

i also have a friend in paradise that is self employed and has a boat. he has offered to run shuttle and do a tow out. reach out and i’ll get you his contact info.

Hey @nstayrookhobbs, I’m not sure how to send a direct message here, but me and a few friends are looking for a pickup on the lake on Friday afternoon. Could you send me your friend’s contact info in a PM or email if he’s still willing to do those? We will compensate in booze or $$.

hate to be the bearer of bad news but I doubt homie is still in paradise.