Liquidlogic Remix 79 $650 OBO

I’m selling my Remix 79 because I’m going with the sportier Rewind in a drought year. I used it sparingly on class 3. Excellent condition with the usual light scratches, no major gouges, dents, or oil canning. Garage stored. Located in McKinleyville, CA but I make occasional forays to the Coloma/ Placerville area. I found this boat to be very stable, fast, easy to roll, and holds a line well. Snaps into eddies, forgiving down-river boat, moderate ease of boofing. Here is LL’s description:

“We designed the Remix series to carve, to glide and to provide beginners, intermediates and experts with that age old rush that comes with speed. Perfect for novices and instructors excited about rolling and proper eddy turns, big water junkies wanting to safely push their limits or experienced racers looking to cash-in, the Remix is a new concept altogether that combines the clear advantages of a relatively narrow and longer hull platform with modern chine placement to create an unrivaled comfortable, stable and responsive package.”

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Will you be down to the kern at all??

I done sold this here boat you’uns