Log Hazzard - Lavezzola Creek


Went for a hike on Saturday and there was a river wide log less than a 1/4 mile down from put in. It seems to be pretty stuck and is in a bad place with root ball on one shore and trunk on the other, so no sneak. To make it worse it is above the first rapid, so if you know the run you are not worrying but the water is moving and the corner is somewhat blind with no eddies to catch above it. It is also just out of the water so you would have no chance of boofing it. It was so close to put in and such a pain in the ass place to pull out and portage that I would suggest at least walking down the trail and looking at it or even just packing your boat and putting in below it.



Thanks for the tip! Plenty of wood in Pauley right now also, but that seems to just kind of be the game with those two this time of year.



We camped up there a couple weeks ago and got sooooouper close to getting that guy cut out. Just needs a rope on one side and the finishing touches on the rootball side. If someone’s nearby and feeling keen it shouldn’t take much time at all.

BUT there’s for sure plenty of other wood in the river/the whole drainage