Looking for a crew and for young families to kayak and camp with


Not sure how to go about this, but I am looking to see if there are any groups of paddlers out there open to taking on a new gang member. I grew up paddling out here in CA and then moved to DC for a decade and paddled a lot of the class IV/V stuff out East including laps weekly on Great Falls. Have taken a few years off paddling a ton as my wife and I started a family. Now that my boys are two and five, I am looking to get out a bit more on the water. I live in Roseville and am looking to paddle Class IV/IV+ and also some relaxing playboating. My wife also kayaks and we would love to find others in the paddling community that like to camp out on the river over the weekends with their families. I also have a 14 footer with paddle and oar set-ups so we would be open to multiday trips too. Looking forward to any meet ups. Thanks. -Justin


Hi Justin. You and your family might be interested in Gold Country Paddlers, based in Coloma. The club has a facebook page and a website (goldcountrypaddlers.org). There are lots of day trips, some weekend camping trips, and a number of families with kids learning to boat. Many of the club trips are Class II-III+/IV-, but you may also meet some folks at your IV/IV+ level.