Looking for a playboat


Hey everyone! I’m looking to buy a playboat. I am around 6ft-180 so anything like an allstar or superstar (doesn’t have to be a Jackson) would be great. Ideally looking for something under $600 but am flexible.


Hi Henry
I have a Jackson SuperStar that I’ don’t use any more. It’s from about 2015 and in very good shape.
I’m about the same size as you so the outfitting should fit you.
How does $500 sound?


Liquid Logic Biscuit 55
I’d bring the price down to $300


This sounds fantastic. Do you have any pictures?


I can take pics and send them if you tell me your email.
I am don@kayaker.net



would you mind sending a picture of the bottom? Thanks in advance.


I have a lg blisstick rad for sale 300!


Sorry for the delay. Let me know if you’d like a better picture, just what I had on my phone.


Could you send some pictures including one of the bottom? Thank you