Looking for a roll instructor or roll clinic ASAP


Hey ya’ll,

I’m looking for someone who has taught folks how to roll before who would be willing to come to a pool session on a Friday evening at the Truckee community pool (I’d be heading there from the Nevada City/Grass Valley area). Ideally sometime in mid/end of March or April. Will obviously throw some $$, beer, baked goods, etc. your way - we can talk specifics. I would only need you to come with me once or twice to make sure I have the technique right.

Or… if anyone knows of any roll clinics that are happening before the end of April within an hour or two of NC/GV that would be great too!

Just trying to get solid roll down before getting on the river & trying to get out on the river ASAP.




I don’t know if sacramento is too far for you, but I think CCK (calkayak.com) does roll lessons there every friday night.


I’ll go with you. Email me whenever: grebsnig at gmail


I am interested in the roll sess Information as well. Please let me know as I am trying to perfect a bomb roll myself


Dan Crandall at Current Adventures does great roll instruction on a private or small group basis.


Thanks for the information, y’all!


Hi, I live in Colfax and I can help you get your roll bomb proof, I’m available. I used to run my own kayak school in Mexico before moving to Cali and I’m willing to start teaching again, let me know if you are interested.


Hey Isidrio, if you’re available this Friday evening (March 23rd) for a session at the Truckee community pool, shoot me an email please! chloe.tremper at gmail.com


Jeff Laxier teaches rolling on the coast in Fort Bragg, from indoor pool sessions to rolling in the rock gardens and surf. www.liquidfusionkayaking.com