Lost paddle after a swim on the gorge


lost my paddle above the lunch stop on the gorge sunday 1-7-18. A werner bent shaft shogun.

If you find it could you give me a call or text? My name is on it , but black marker on a black paddle doesnt show up very well

Kevin Rhoads



Someone may have found your paddle on the gorge yesterday. There was a father-son group paddling down and they had an extra paddle that they found somewhere between Fowler’s and Satan’s. They said the paddle didn’t have a name on it, so they may not have noticed the black marker. I didn’t catch their names, but they were both paddling Jackson Antix (one yellow, one blue) and I believe I saw them leave in green Subaru Forester with Nevada Plates. Maybe if anyone knows the people who fit this description, you could track down your paddle.


I believe I’ve met them. They live right near the whitewater park in Reno. I think the son’s name is Skye, but I’m not completely certain. They frequent Chili Bar/the Gorge. Hope this helps!


Thanks Hayward for finding and retrurning my paddle


Glad to hear I could help!