Lost paddle with blue blades on pauley creek 4/8


Hi all,

I lost a bent-shaft Werner Sidekick with blue blades on Pauley Creek today (4/8/18). May still have mismatched pogies attached. If found, I would hugely appreciate getting it back.


cbmcgrath(a t )gmail.com


I wanted to provide an update.

The paddle was found three days later (4/11) and placed on the river right bank just above the rapid called “Slide” on Daniel’s website: http://www.awetstate.com/PauleyCreek.html

This is the location where the paddle was left:

Several groups paddled through by 4/14 but didn’t see the paddle, so it either fell back into the river or hopefully was picked up by another group.

If you happened to pick it up or know who did I’d be hugely thankful!