Lower Kern flows week after Memorial Day?


Any locals care to throw out what they think flows will be around June 1? Looking to do the Jungle run and maybe Miracle; and Johnsdale Bridge to Calkins Flat. In my cursory research, flows are currently at the high end of recommended levels, which are on the way down.


I would guess even higher.


Thanks for input the Paul. Are the above runs still 3/4- at these levels, or are they more like Class 4+? Does anyone have any suggested runs in SoCal that are Class 3/4-; or have ample recovery pools after Class 4 drops (trying not to get my lesser experienced buddy killed).


Flow for lower kern look to be 4,000 to 5,000 all month. Look to the upper kerns cable run, or power house down. Lots of options​ for different runs in one day.


Anyone know of an online map of the kerns? Showing the runs and ratings??


American whitewater has a pretty good breakdown of the upper kern:

With madescent’s help I was able to figure out the cable run should be great for my crew:

  • thanks!

I assume its pretty easy to hitch the shuttle for the cable/powerhouse run?


I personally think Miracle to Democrat is forgiving Class IV- at flows below 2k, but it is much harder at these higher flows.

There is not much guidance on what flows will be once the upper peaks and the Isabella lake pool level is stabilized. I think the release flows will drop some. They need to lower the lake by November 1st for a flood control mandate, so we will likely have boatable flows from now until late October.