Mamba 8.6, 4 Fun,


2015 Blue Mamba Love 8.6 - 350$ (new outfitting)

2016 4 Fun practically new used on c2g less than 10 days - 750$

Shred Ready helmet 50$

Snap dragon skirt implosion bar 50$

200 cm Power House Bent 150$

pm me for contact info


I will pay $100 for the seat in either dagger boat and replace it with an older style seat. This offer is good to the seller or any potential buyer.


Interested in the Large Nomad.


sent you a FB message.


I am interested in the Blue Mamba!


Pm me your number and I will send you pics. I will be on the SFA this Saturday Sunday.


still have the mamba 8.6 …for some reason i cant upload pics


Thomas, I have a seat for you! its out of a broken newmad, Just got to get it to you when I come down to the valley next, or if you want to come do some tobin laps its not too bad at 600



I am very interested in the mamba and powerhouse and sent you a PM via text yesterday. Are they still available?


mamba and bent shaft paddle is still available

are you the guy on the east coast that wants me to ship? thats not gonna happen sorry…


uploaded some pics…hope this helps


I’m interested in Mamba 8.6



do you still have the Mamba? very interested


Hello, the mamba is still available.


boats are currently available…make offer


Any oil canning on the mamba? Can you text me a couple more pics of it? 208-nine two one-4686.


Mamba is SOLD!

4 Fun still available


Hi, is the Shred Ready helmet still available?


Shred Ready helmet is still available
4 Fun is available
paddle is available


will you take $40 for the helmet?