Mokelumne River class III section


I am interested in running the Mokelumne on Saturday from Ponderosa Way to Highway 49 or Middle Bar. I have never been down that run. Could someone who has been down tell me if it is doable at flows in the 3500 range?

If it’s safe, does anyone want to tag along this Saturday? If it’s short, I would even be interested in 2 laps.


Great addition to the Electra run! I sent you a message


Hey Eric. How was the Mokelumne? I will be on a trip to the Sacremento area and am looking to find some manageable waters for a novice. Any tips on nearby conditions would be great. Thanks.


Unfortunately, the Moke didn’t work out a couple weekends ago. The flows were really high, and haven’t really subsided since. I was informed that for the Ponderosa Way run to be doable, you’re looking for flows in the 1000-1500 range. I think the Electra run is a little more feasible at these flows, but its a pretty short run. I ended up doing cache creek that day, and it was a blast. The flows were lower than optimal (~700 cfs), but we had a lot of fun. The water was really warm - no drysuit needed. South Fork American gorge or Chili Bar runs are also good for the class III boater. My brother and I usually run the SFA if its 6000 cfs or less, and we’re beginners. C to G on South Fork is a really fun class II+ if the flows are above 6000. North Fork American below Yankee Jim’s road is a nice class II+ run if the flows are 1500-2500.


Hey Eric
If you decide to do this run, hit me up! I’ve had my eye on that stretch for a while.
Justin (209)588-6264


Sounds good. I have been keeping an eye on the flows. I am hoping they will be within boatable levels soon.

Eric (209)207-2827


1500-3000 is solid 3, apparently. Above 3k is solid 4, I’ve heard. Below 1500, generally an easy II run with a 3 in Devil’s Toilet Bowl, which people typically take out above.