Need advise on The South Fork American River

Hi every body,

I’m coming during july with my 2 children 10 and 13. I’m asking about taking an inflatable kayak and get a trip on the river.
Does somebody can give me some information on how my project is appropriate.
Is there any place to buy a used inflatable boat ?
Is it a dangerous idea ?
Thank for your help,
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You can demo inflatable kayaks from the river store in lotus. (One two person and one single IK) if you haven’t spent much time on the river I would suggest running c2g. Put in at the Coloma gold discovery park and take out at greenwood creek parking lot. This is a great section for new boaters. Class 1/2. Hope this helps. Have fun and be safe!
Vance Harris

The river store in coloma will let you demo inflatable boats.
I would maybe go rafting with a commercial outfitter first prior to going on your own- just so you have some idea about basic safety.
C to g is perfect for kids