Paddling Close to San Jose Part 8

I’ve posted and posted before, with no hope of anyone’s answers… so, here I go again:

Hoping for some rain this weekend!!! On the radar for me is the Arroyo’s East of San Jose, Hondo and/or Valle. ANYBODY with some beta on these would be excellent. Looking for something different then San Lorenzo. And don’t want to/can’t travel far to the lower elevation Sierra stuff (because of COVID-19, and we’re supposed to stay close to home, NO overnight travels eh).

I just checked out the Arroyo Hondo today with my girlfriend. We hiked down to the 1st drop on Isabel Creek; the trib. that forms the Arroyo, (to get a feel for the character I guess, or maybe just to get out of the house). She is planning on driving my shuttle and hiking at the many trails while I (and anybody else) paddle.

Here is a link to the briefest, and only, info I’ve found about the creek systems…

I am up for the challenge and experience of running these creeks, I have been paddling for at least 15 years. I got a 9r2 to bring to the cause, come play with me (or at least humor me god dammit)

I paddled the San Lorenzo once when I lived in Santa Cruz. I rate it class 3-H (for Hepatitis).

I recommend driving over to Pleasure Point and kayak-surfing. A playboat would work better than the 9R, if you have one. Just pick a spot between the Point and 41st Ave where there’s not a lot of surfers to irritate. No need to do a shuttle, either.

I had a great time out there for years. Now, I live in Southern Oregon, and miss the beach, but there are a lot of rivers within a couple-hour drive up here. And I certainly don’t miss the traffic down there.

Thanks for the info Jimboe, not looking to paddle the ocean. Looking to paddle down a river, but thanks.

And yes the further North you go from here, the better the rivers…