Party braap or mullet?


I am a class III boater looking to get better, and I was told that trading my large mamba for a more aggressive boat would help me hone my skills. I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on which boat I should choose. I am wondering if the party braap or mullet would be a better suited to my weight. I am about 210 lbs with size 12 shoes. I carry a 75 ft throw rope, breakdown paddle and 32 oz water bottle in my boat with me.


The short answer is get a Mullet. I’m 6’ 3", 200 lbs and have size 14 feet. I took a Braaap down some class IV and it was fun but I was hilariously heavy/big for it although it was actually surprisingly comfortable. I’ve never been in a Mullet but I understand it’s like a big Braaap. You could also look at the Jackson Antix or Dagger Axiom.

Getting a Mullet-style boat is a great way to make whitewater you find easy more challenging. Probably not a bad idea to get one. I’d hesitate to sell your Mamba though. Some rivers aren’t suited to a slicey boat (Braaap down Paully was rather miserable since the stern kept slicing deep and hitting the bottom).


Thanks for the input. I will demo a mullet this weekend. I probably won’t sell the mamba… I am a hoarder.


Tell me what you think of the Mullet. I really want one.


I have the party Brapp I seriously love it. Took me about 4-5 days of paddling class III+ to get her under control. But now I love it. Although I am 5.9” and 160lbs. I also got the Brapp and can’t Turn it easily at all. Such a difference with 2.5 gallons sucked out of the stern. I just bought my Brapp last week and am ready to sell it. If I weighed a little more I’m sure I’d love it just as much as the PB.
The LL Party Brapp. So fast and love the creekboat abilities about with large bolume and rocker in the bow and the hull rocks. It is my go to boat. I also have the Antix and Axiom, both are great also but in a completely different way. Still run the PB every week it just makes everything more technical and fun. Once again I love it.
Mullet is said to be a Cousin to the Brapp, but I dare not even try to paddle it she is just way to big of boat for me. Let me know I’d be willing to sell my new Brapp just not the Party Brapp.