Plastic Adhesive for Unbonded Center Track in Jackson?


Does anyone know of a good adhesive/epoxy that can be used for structural bonds on Jackson boats? The center track of my Zen has come unbonded from the hull which leaves the seat loose to shift by several inches. It looks like it was originally bonded with double sided 3m tape. I can’t lay a new line of tape inbetween the track and the hull so I am looking for an epoxy to squeeze in. Online research indicates that most adhesives aren’t designed to work on polyethylene plastic, so wondering if anyone has personal experience with something that works.


I crammed a block of foam in between each side of the seat and the hull. It holds the seat solid. I had 2 jackson boats have this happen. Asking Jackson for help is pretty much a joke.


G flex Maybe ? Might contact Jackson to see if that would work .


Simplest solution is often the best! Thanks for the idea.