Relocated from the Southeast


I just moved to northern Sacramento for work from the southeast and need people to boat with. I’ve boated out here quite a bit over the years. Looking to get some squirt boating in as well. Send me a message or shoot me a text.



Welcome, Mason.

Many boaters here have come from the SE, myself included. As you know, when we have water, Sacramento is a world class boating location. Other activities make it hard to beat by any measure.

To help you find paddlers, tell us about what class of river you enjoy (what runs you have done and liked) and your general availability (weekends/weekdays/etc).

Hope to see you on the river and bring some of the SE rain to Cali.


I enjoy the class 5 stuff, but don’t consider it mandatory to have fun. I’ve done the usual western North Carolina creeks and Chattanooga runs. I’ve done quite a few of the high Sierra runs as well. I’m available on the weekends the next month and then I will be working shift work after that.



Let me know if you want to paddle tomorrow