Rock Creek releases 2020

Anybody know the 2020 North Fork Feather Rock Creek release schedule? Pit river?
Is it a “dry” or “critically dry” year" (thinking fish flow Lobin)?
Looks like the AW website hasn’t been updated with this info yet, probably virus stuff…

The release page includes the schedules but last two NF Feather releases & last Pit release were cancelled:

Unfortunately, the Feather River District of the Plumas National Forest has a closure order in affect. Thus, no boating at the moment.

This crazy year of cancellations and reschedules hasn’t been easy to track but all confirmed scheduled recreational flows are on our calendar.

Also, check in on the AW 2020 thread on boot - I post updates when I get them there. (links tot the above closure order can be found there along with the map) Most recent update is for Fordyce.