San Jose B1TCH :O


I’m here, “stuck” in San Jose. I only have Sunday off. Working hard until a Big Ditch trip in March, then I’m free. Looking to paddle these rains and trying to stay in the area, don’t want to drive too far… I only have Sunday off. Willing to check out sketchy Arroyo’s in area…Hondo, Valle, Mocho. Or Bear Creek, Sac area would be stretching…Merced Yosemite area.

Whats up, let’s paddle. Class fun to V


Hi Steve,

I am looking to boat Sunday but am flying in from out of town. Its my first time out for the year so I would be interested in something more class IV than V. Let me know if this works as I need to change my flight today to accommodate.



Just got off a 21 day Grand Canyon trip. Sorry bud. Back in Cali now. Headed back to CO (Arkansas Valley) soon…lemme know