San Lorenzo River/Carmel River


From Colorado. Living in Morgan Hill. Looking to paddle tomorrow (Thursday 03/22) at both spots. Looks like rain will be keeping these good-ish. Never been on em. I only have 1 day off and not looking to travel 3 hours. Any other ideas would be awesome too class fun to V!


Careful bro both have mad strainers and are super creeky and pushy. Especially with the water where it’s at. Check American whitewater for updates


Check out the south fork American river. Can go there alone and catch up with other kayakers. Unlikely to see anyone on either of these cencal runs


I’ve been on the south and north fork, but both are 3+ hours from where I’m at. I understand the strainer issue. Thanks for your concern, but looking for something new and in the backyard-ish. No takers, flows look solid!


Sweet local run! Launched at 2:10pm (gauge read 2700cfs :astonished: and droppin’) not worth the drive unless in SC area, but better than a 6 hour round trip… Ran it solo. Only wood of note that was an issue (unless you picked the wrong channel in the latter flats) was just after the ledgy drop after where wood chokes the river down. 1st strainer system could be ducked in boat on river left side (real tight). 2nd strainer system, shows up pretty quickly after the 1st, had to be portaged river right. Eddy was just above 2nd strainer system next to concret abutment.

Granted all this info is for flood stage. Sweet run, I’d run er again.


Way to get after your local goods cooldork!