Slab cr- put in rd gated on Saturdays


Hey boofers thought I would share some info. Over the past weeks vehicle access to slab Creek put in has been open on the weekends and closed on the weekdays. SMUD just recently updated their schedule and the road to put in will be locked on Saturdays as well as weekdays till November 5th. Sundays will be the only day with no locked gate.


’ For recreational boaters, access to Slab Creek Dam Road and Slab Creek
Boat Ramp Road are available with prior notice and escort.’

@Theresa_L_Simsiman do you know how to organize access on non-Sundays in order to paddle Slab Creek? I’ve heard rumors of a phone number… but perhaps that is no longer the case?


I just put in a call & message to SMUD - I’ll followup as soon as they get back to me.


See post here 2017 Recreational Releases