Slab Creek is on May 4-5 2019


Numbers are important to continue flows so if you are a Slab boater, this would be a good weekend to get out there. Enjoy!
Good Morning Folks,
Following up on my e-mail of Tuesday. Given the cool weather experienced this week in the SF American watershed, the 7DMAVG temperature at SFAR 6 stands at 11.6º C. At this point, given the prior 6 day’s water temperature data, the daily mean would need to be 16° C today for the 7-day moving average to exceed the Adaptive Management threshold of 12° C by this Friday, the day which SMUD committed to providing information on whether or not the recreation flows would occur. Considering the current meteorological forecast, realizing a 16° C daily mean at SFAR 6 is practically impossible. Furthermore, I have been informed that SMUD still expects no issues managing spills at Slab Creek Dam to ≤1,500 cfs, with a good likelihood of being able to maintain the targeted 1,100 cfs.

Given the information above, the recreation streamflow releases scheduled for this weekend below Slab Creek Dam are planned to take place. All other management activities/operations are expected to be the same as the previous 2019 events.
As always, be safe and have fun.