South Fork Feather Wood Update


Below the race finish and through about two gorges there is a long log blocking the channel. It is about a beer can wide at one end and a hula hoop sized at the other end. Extends all the way across.

Mandatory portage at the low flow we had but might change with higher flow???

Portage is easier on the right.

The rest of the run is as clean as I have seen it


Here is a picture of the drop that has the wood in it. I pulled this from Darin McQuoid write up on the Feather.

Link to write up -


How is it at the lower flow? I’ve only done it at 400, but am thinking of checking it out on Monday.


it was a little rocky but the lines are the same, just a couple more rocks but everything goes real well! not too bad overall!


Good to know, thanks!