South Lake Tahoe Whitewater


I just moved to South Lake Tahoe and am looking for whitewater friends and resources. I broke my kayak paddle last weekend and am looking to buy another. Preferably used and cheap. Are there any whitewater stores here or people that want sell an old one. Ideally straight shaft, 220 to 230cm.


Welcome to town! It’s a small but close community of whitewater rafters, kayakers and paddle boarders in South Lake. Unfortunately the closest whitewater gear store is the River Store in Lotus but there is a used gear swap going on there this weekend accompanied by an end of the season BBQ. Might be a good place to find a paddle and get acquainted with some of the river community out there on the South Fork of the American. I’ll be paddling down there this Saturday and Sunday with some friends if you’d like to get on the water and join us this weekend.


Hey Dan! Thanks for the welcome. I’m working all weekend or I’d love to go meet, greet, and scrounge for a new paddle. I was afraid Coloma/Auburn would be my closest whitewater stores. At least good to know. Thanks for the info and invite. Hopefully catch you on another outing.


hey there the feather fest is this weekend and I guarantee that you could find a paddle there and meet just about every paddler in the north state it is on the feather river indian jim school


Hey there!!! Thanks for heads up. I love Feather Fest, unfortunately had a wedding to attend to this year. Next year!!!


That’s exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you